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If you have had an experience where you have reached out to your local locksmith in the case of an emergency and they reply that they will reach you in 15 - 20 minutes only to disappoint you and leaving you stranded for hours, then believing us would be difficult. That is why we have solid customer testimonials to back our claims. You can reach out to hundreds of satisfied customers and you will know from our reputation and that none of our claims are false. Estate Locksmith Store is one of the best locks and locksmith firm in the Hillsboro, OR area and has close to 10 years of experience of successfully serving the local community.

Locks and locksmith service for vehicles:

Understanding the mechanism and structure of locks and keys that come with modern automobiles is an art in itself. These locking systems are designed to provide high-level security and that is why they have a complex structure. At Estate Locksmith Store we make extra efforts to make sure that as and when there is a new technology in the market, our locksmiths are made aware of it and more often than not we conduct workshops to teach them the working and the structure of the lock. So whenever you call us and no matter how old or new the lock is on your vehicle our locks and locksmith team will take care of it effortlessly.

Enhance home security with residential locksmith services

Reading about a burglary in the local newspaper or hearing about a burglary in your locality makes you think whether you are fully-equipped or secure from such incidents. You start to question the locks installed at your home. If you are in such a situation and need a second opinion in the locks at your place, simply call us. Our locks and locksmith team will give you a full evaluation of your security and recommend changes if necessary. We also perform general repairs, installations and create keys from scratch on site.

The business locksmith you can trust

Businesses have to protect multiple things. They have to ensure that their staff, their clients, their business data and the actual premises where they are conducting business from is secure. So it is highly imperative for a business to be fully prepared for any kind of security situation. Estate Locksmith Store has helped many businesses in Hillsboro, OR by devising security plans and helping them with installations, maintenance, repairs and in the case of commercial lockouts.

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